Margaret Warburn

I was 7 years old, going to the Lady of Nativity in Wentworth Falls/ My father was the GP for the area from Wentworth Falls to Linden, it was a huge practice. He was an old WWII vet. He and mum often used to go away for a week, so they put my brother and I into boarding school while they were away. My brother went to Blue Mountains Grammar, me in the Catholic school and my younger sister who was five years younger went with them.

Dad’s parents, my grandparents had a house at 37 Falls Rd, W. Falls. It exploded in the fire. After the fire, I remember waking up with nightmares of fire coming down the hill. My husband’s mother used to make sandwiches for the evacuees at Katoomba Town Hall. In Park St I think.

After the fire, my grandmother and grandfather moved into our house in Lawson. The Lions Club built a fibro room for us to sleep in. Mum didn’t get on with dad’s mum. Her father (an obstetrician) had promised all five of his children a world trip, so mum took that trip while my grandmother was staying. It cost L500! So our grandparents looked after us.

I went to Stratford C of E Girls School. Kings School had some connection with Blue Mountains Grammar and threw us a lifeline because of the fire, so my brother could keep going there.