Agency Contact and Resources

Additional Resources
Explore the issues of fire safety and preparedness by clicking the links below:
Hotspots Fire Project
NSW RFS Bushfire Survival Plan
NSW RFS Bushfire Safety Factsheets
Fire Danger Ratings and What You Should Do
NSW RFS Assist Infirm Disabled and Elderly Residents (AIDER) Program

Learn More
Explore the environment and communities of the bush by clicking the links below:
Historical Australian Census Data
Interactive Community Atlas and Community Profile *
Historical Weather Data **

Agency Contacts
Learn more about the agencies set up to assist the community on fire related issues by clicking the links below:
Fire & Rescue NSW
Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre (CRC)
NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service) – Fire
Victorian Government Office of Sustainability and Environment Fire Ecology

*Compiled by Blue Mountains City Council
** Accessed through the Australian Bureau of Meteorology “Climate Data Online” database