About the Project

Fire Stories: A Lesson in Time captures first-hand accounts of the devastating bush fires which tore through Leura and Wentworth Falls in the summer of 1957-58. The film documents the path of the fire and its toll by tracing the stories behind an ill-prepared yet heroic community who faced these fires and then coped with the tragic aftermath.

We have been proud to be able to share the accounts of the survivors and witnesses to these events. Their stories teach us about the power and resiliency of a community. We hope that residents of the Blue Mountains area, today and in the future, along with organizations invested in research and management of the land, will benefit from these lessons and will be able to use them to better prepare in the future.

Fire stories 2013 edge cinema alton npwsWe have been so pleased with the community’s interest in the project. Fire Stories was screened at The Edge Cinema in Katoomba on June 2, with a turn out of nearly 2,000 people!